Most helped the innovative electrical company GodEl to re-imagine their entire visual identity.

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Electricity with a cause

GodEl is a Swedish electric company that donates all of its proceeds to charity. Their ambition of contributing to a better world is unique, and Most is proud to have partnered with the pioneering electricity provider in the creation of a new visual identity.


Together with GodEl, Most re-invented the logo created by icon Lasse Åberg. The visual identity was given a tonality better suited for the company’s updated target group and digital context.

Light rays and various graphical elements give repeated winks to the classic logo, all connecting to the roots of the company and its circular approach. The identity spans over all channels of GodEl’s operations, earning the company visual brand recognition through continuity.

Most has created a platform that the company can grow with. Optimized for digital use, GodEl’s new look matches the originality of the business.



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