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Meet your new best friend, innovate with your next business partner and dance with your future love

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We created a digital experience for Gather Festival, the multidisciplinary innovation conference and music festival. Media call it ”The Nordic version of SXSW”. The Gather mission is to connect people with diverse backgrounds around interesting topics, believing great things will happen when doing so.

It’s very much a social experience, one of gathers proposition is ”Meet your new best friend, innovate with your next business partner and dance with your future love”.


So we thought, how can we create a digital experience that accomplish this? Not just for the Gather-events but around all kinds of gatherings and events. We got an idea and teamed up with the public high tech company ”Crunchfish” and the mobile dating company ”Maybe” to create something special.

The Gather app is kind of a digital and social layer on ”real life” gatherings and events, showing you who is at the same spot as you and makes it super easy to initiate new social interactions. Often times people are at events full of interesting people without even knowing it, the Gather app gives you context to all the people in the room.

How does it work?
The app detects people and happenings only meters away from you and automatically locate people at the exact venue without beacons or people having to manually check-in.

In order to connect people in the same room (without using beacons) we teamed up with Crunchfish and their new innovative Connected AR and Bluetooth technology, turning every app user to a walking beacon. It’s early days for the app and the technology but we are very excited about the potential of it.


Try it out
The app is live on the appstore and you can try it out here



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