An updated visual identify and improved UX/UI to take Lendify, one of Sweden's hottest FinTech Startups, to the next stage of growth

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Connecting borrowers and investors

Lendify is the first P2P loan platform in Sweden. Med plattformen kan kunder låne og låne penger fra hverandre via en digital markedsplass, og eliminere behovet for investeringer fra banker eller kredittkortselskaper.

The Lendify team came to Most looking for an updated site and platform design that presented data in a simple and modern way. Målet var at motivere brugerne til at vende tilbage til platformen for at spore og maksimere deres investeringer.

Most reinvented the look and functions of Lendify, developing a functional and engaging login page for users, while adding new features like easy to follow graphs and charts for investment tracking. The Lendify digital P2P service was updated with an improved UX and UI design and a visual identity evolved to match with seamless service.