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a few of our clients

  • Apohem

    Not just creating a new household name

    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Stragey
    • Naming
    • Web Design

    Maria Nila

    A full design, build and launch of cosmetics retailer Maria Nila

    • E-commerce
    • Product Design


    A partnership to take a digital piggy bank for kids to the next level of growth

    • Illustrations
    • Product Design


    We all have "that friend"... but we're helping Steven, to get people even

    • Brand Strategy
    • Naming
    • Web Design


    A full service partnership with Forbes Fintech 50 2018 listed, Qapital, since their U.S. launch

    • Brand Strategy
    • Copywriting
    • Design
    • Launch


    We don't want to brag, but Soon is the best bucket-list app out there

    • Development
    • Idea
    • Launch
    • Naming
    • Product Design


    A full reimagining of the visual identity of charitable Swedish electricity company

    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Strategy
    • Insights

    The Gather App

    Meet your new best friend, innovate with your next business partner and dance with your future love

    • Digital Production
    • Idea
    • Product Design

    How we work & what we do

    We design, develop, and launch digital products and services. We run engaging campaigns and create and build strong brands for innovative companies.



    We conduct research to formulate a deep understanding of what drives the target audience. The insights generated is a cornerstone throughout our creative process.


    Brand Strategy

    Today people don't just buy a product, they buy meaningful experiences, they join the brand and want an authentic connection to it. We help brands clarify who they are and what they stand for.



    How do you find a name that grabs people's attention? How do you test names in the real world? How do you find a name that elevates you above the competition? We know.


    Brand Identity

    This is the special sauce that sets you apart from everyone else. Based on our strategic foundation we create a full visual identity that will visualize your brand and engage you customers.


    Product Design

    Your product experience is synonymous with your brand. From an idea about the product, we design an intuitive and beautiful experience. We apply digital product processes, like rapid prototyping, ongoing usability testing, and iterative development.


    Digital Design

    We design and build innovative, intuitive and beautiful digital experiences, everything from campaign-sites to e-commerce platforms.


    Digital Production

    We make it happen. We develop creative technolgy that's beautiful and usable. Design and tech works closely together in order to ensure a perfect outcome.


    Content Production

    To manifest the brands' values and ambitions, we produce engaging content. Be it illustration, animation, photograph or video, whatever it takes to make the connection.



    We create innovative marketing campaigns to get your word out. Activations that emotionally connects your brand with your audience.

    Come work with us

    We are always looking for awesome collegues. We're a company that values entrepreneurialism and embrace the constant change of the digital landscape.

    Open Positions

  • Senior Design Lead
  • Senior Growth Marketer / Growth Hacker / Performance Marketer
  • Product Owner
  • Creative Strategist
  • Graphic Designer
  • UX/UI Designer (Product Designer)
  • So... now we've told you all about us, get in touch & let's make something!